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Pete Buzzsaw Holland

Welcome to the


School of Defence

Traditional English Martial Arts

combined fighting style


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Current 2016 Club Tournament Cup Holders


AOBC UK English Country Backswording  Champion 2016

Zak 'Wylde' Holland


BFHS Valour Cup Champion 2014

Zak 'Wylde' Holland


AOBC Colchester Oyster Fayre Valour Cup champion

2016 Zak 'Wyde' Holland


AOBC Colchester Oyster Fayre Cup Champion

2016 Zak 'Wylde' Holland


Letchworth Garden City Festival Champion  

2016 Zak 'Wyde' Holland


The Sandye Trail at Arms Cup

2015 Zak 'Wylde' Holland





“We are fighters not fencers”


We are scholars and practitioners of the Ancient and Noble Science of Defence and that most excellent of ancient country sports, English Country Backswording Circa 1600.

Our main focus is in the study of the single-handed Backsword/Broadsword and the English Quarterstaff/Tip staff which also involves the close study of English pugilism, indigenous wrestling styles and as George Silver recommends, Strikes with the feet and the knees.

These are all built on a foundation using the Principles of the True Fight as laid down by George Silver in his Paradoxes of Defence in 1599 and his unpublished manuscript A Brief Instruction upon my Paradoxes of Defence.

By training in these indigenous martial arts we therefore practice a complete martial combat system that we term as TE-MA, a combined fighting style which is not only traditionally English but is as affective as any other martial combat system you may think of in the 21st century.



AOBC Letchworth - Hertfordshire


AOBC Arlesey - Bedfordshire


Fitness through Sport


A large part of what the AOBC stands for is our strong commitment to developing a healthy lifestyle through personal fitness. Training in TE-MA helps you to develop and improve your own personal fitness level through applied fitness training allowing each student to progress at their own rate in an enjoyable group environment.


Its fair to say that not a day goes by in the 21st century that we are all told to eat healthily and take regular exercise to maintain a healthy body and mind and it is interesting to note that this is by no means a new way of thinking. Over four hundred years ago George Silver wrote these words concerning the regular practice of the Ancient and Noble Science of Defence…


“ This noble Science defend the bodie from wounds and slaughter. And moreover, the excersing of weapons putteth away aches, griefes and diseases, it increaseth streangth, and sharpneth the wits, it giveth a perfect judgment, it expelleth melancholy, cholericke and evill conceits, it keepeth a man in breath, perfect health, and long life.”

(George Silver, Paradoxes of Defence 1599)


So now please take the time to browse our web site to discover what training in

TE-MA’s combined fighting style can offer the modern day student and to learn more about the absorbing and exhilarating sport of English Country Backswording!  


If you require any further information that you can’t find the answers to on this site or wish to become a member of the AOBC

please get in touch with us via our contact page

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Want to up your personal fitness level ?

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AOBC UK English Country Backswording Finals 2017

Come along to the Sandringham Games and Country Show 9th to 10th of September


To register for this years qualifying tournaments

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TE-MA is not only about learning an extremely effective and exciting armed and unarmed combat system but it is also a great way to keep fit, maintain mental focus, gain self confidence and learn about British and European history as well as enjoying being part of a growing revival in western martial arts (HEMA, Historical European Martial Arts) with all the benefits such as cross training with other schools of defence, attending workshops, seminars, tournaments and much more.


The AOBC operates in a friendly and competitive atmosphere and caters for a wide spectrum of  students from juniors to veteran martial artists, both male and female of all ability's.

Young Swordsman a cut above the rest


Local teenager Zak Holland aged 16 from Arlesey, Bedfordshire, member of the Aisle O'var Backswording Clubbe claimed victory at the National UK swordsmanship tournament run by the British Federation for Historical Swordplay in Lincoln on Saturday 29th of November. Zak fought against leading swordsmen from across the UK to win the BFHS Valour Cup for the Steel Backsword and was crown the UK Champion 2014.























Bob Brooks President of the BFHS Presenting

Zak 'Wylde' Holland with the BFHS Valour Cup