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Women in TE-MA

This page has been inspired by the amount of times we get asked the following question at displays when members of the public see female members of the AOBC bouting or demonstrating self defence techniques.

“Women didn’t fight though did they?”

The answer is of course ‘Yes they did.’

Apart from the well known women in history that first spring to mind like Boudicca or Joan of Arc for instance, women have fought at the head of armies, as soldiers, as gladiators in ancient Rome, as prize fighters in England down to defending themselves and their homes while their husbands and men folk are away or at war. Women have even dressed as men and gone undiscovered for long periods of time in order to fight in the defence of their countries. Women may not have fought in mass like men and differences in cultures would have played a large part in whether they could take up arms or even train in the use of them but even so women have fought, bled and died throughout history.

The more relevant question though for the 21st Century is..

“Do women fight?”

The answer to that is a resounding “Yes they do.”

Whether in Western or Eastern Martial Arts, women have an unprecedented opportunity to learn the art of defence.

That’s why the AOBC actively encourage women to partake in the Ancient and Noble Science of Defence.

We are not gender specific when it comes to bouting and do not separate students in to women only and men only bouting as you find in many martial arts styles. Life doesn’t do this so why should we.

So if you are a lady whom feels they would like to find out more about training in TE-MA simply go to our contact page and get in touch with us. If we are too far from where you live then go to the British Federation for Historical Swordplay web site and find a club that’s in your area.

“The Sword is not a weapon of brute strength. It is a weapon of agility and speed and any one who say’s that a woman can neither be agile nor quick is a fool”

Peter Holland. - Master at Arms