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The Aisle O’var Backswording Clubbe is first and foremost a TE-MA Traditional English Martial Arts Club. Re-enactment and Theatrical combat are completely different disciplines in their own right and should not be mistaken as being Martial due to the safety rules they have in play to prevent serious injury, although to be fair re-enactment can get quite realistic when in the press of battle and is probably the best way to experience your own mortality when thousands of armed soldiers meet in the clash of battle at events such as the battle of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire for example. Reenactment fighting obeys certain rules for health and safety reasons but it is fair to point out that many re enactors also practice true weapons combat alongside their reenactment fight training. As a Martial Arts Club we also partake in many reenactment events because they are a valid extension to what we do. Its an opportunity to test ones skills in the melee much like our ancestors did in the time of the Great Knight William Marshal 1146 - 1219AD, where killing your opponent in the great tournaments was not the aim but to capture them for ransom.  

Re-enactment it is but when the clashing of blades, Glave’s, Billhooks and War Hammers is thundering all around you, the cannons are firing and wave after wave of arrows are falling on you, it is an experience that I would recommend to do at least once in your life as its the closest a exponent of the martial arts will get to full on battle.

Therefore in order to increase public awareness of TE-MA and English Country Backswording we do partake in public demonstrations of TE-MA both in period clothing (Tudor/Stuart) and in our normal training attire depending on the type of event being held as well as partaking in tournament bouting which is open to public viewing.

When it comes to re-enactment some of our members do actively participate in events from Dark age/Viking through to the late medieval period.

Any AOBC members wishing to also partake in reenactment events should contact