Furniture Restoration

It goes without saying that upholstery andrestoration go hand in hand and for that reason here at Holland Restoration we offer our customers a complete furniture restoration service.

The photo’s on this page show you a few examples of various repair and restoration jobs that we have undertaken. From a lovely buttoned back armchair that needed stripping down to its component parts and then re-built through to the finished upholstery, a simple dining chair that had been clumsily repaired using of all things an old door hinge, having a new section of leg fitted, to a dilapidated side table, a gaming table and one of several heavy Oak chairs which needed some carving replaced.

Whether you have a wobbly dining chair or a large family heirloom that needs attention give Holland Restoration a call on 01462 733874 or go to our contact page to find out where we are and how to get in touch with us to arrange a quotation.