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Please click on a link below to view events, workshops and social occasions that the AOBC Ltd have had.

Uffington White Horse Show 2010

Wales Backswording tournament 2010

Uffington White Horse Show 2009

Oyster Fayre Champion 2009

BFHS Champion Glorianna Cup 2008

The BFHS AGM October 2008

AOBC First Aid Course 2008

Uffington White Horse Show 2008

Oyster Fayre Champion 2008

Cotswold Olimpicks Shin Kicking Champion 2008

AOBC visit to Leeds Armoury 2008

Uffington White Horse Show 2007

Glorianna Cup Winner 2007

Oyster Fayer 2007

TE-MA workshop 2007

BBC 3 Counties Ernie Almonds visit to the AOBC

Backswording on top of Ben Nevis 2007

“ To England and St George!”

Since 2005 we have been holding a St Georges banquet to celebrate England’s patron saint and all things English as well as  to give  AOBC members from all AOBC clubs a chance to come together and  have a good old fashioned knees up. Each year has seen the banquet getting bigger and bigger and we are now looking at seating up to 60+ AOBC members and guests in 2009.

AOBC St Georges Day banquet 2008

AOBC St  Georges Day Banquet 2007

AOBC St  Georges Day Banquet 2006

AOBC St  Georges Banquet 2005