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What is SPACT?

SPACT is an amalgamation of the words ‘Special Action’.

A Special Action Artiste in the film and TV industry is a Supporting Artiste (‘SA’ for short) with a ‘skill set’ above and beyond that of a normal SA and for this reason, trained SPACT artistes get the opportunity to perform in action scenes such as battles, riots, bar fights, ect.

One role of a SPACT artiste is to support the professional stunt artistes in action scenes. However being a SPACT artist does NOT mean you are in any way a professional Stunt artiste. The first lesson you learn as a SPACT artiste is humility. As a SPACT Artiste you will not be performing stunts on set nor will you be asked to perform stunts. You are not a Stuntman or Stuntwoman. You will be expected to bring a scene to life around any stunt action that may be happening within a scene.

However being a SPACT artiste is extremely exciting, rewarding and tiring!

Our mantra at TEAM TE-MA COMBAT is

“Safety first, Safety second, Safety third”

Correct training is paramount and a good level of fitness is essential regardless of your age to be a SPACT artiste. The film and TV industry needs faces of all ages and there is nothing that ruins an action scene more than SPACT artistes, young or old, who are worn out in the heat of battle. A scene may be shot over and over again and your last performance needs to be as full of energy as the first take.