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Backswording in the Highlands of Scotland 2007


We took a trip up the the highlands of Scotland for a welcome break over the summer and as usual packed the Backswording cudgels. The thing with a cudgel is that if you slip the pot off and stash it away in your back pack the cudgel doubles up as a good walking stick. I can’t stand these new fangled ergonomically anti shock aircraft quality aluminium telescopic walking sticks. I have no idea why any serious walker would invest in something that causes environmental damage in its manufacture when a good old coppiced hazel stick will do the job just as well if not better. Fashion!


Well with that said, we found ourselves yet again up on the summit of Ben Nevis. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been up on that wonderful old Munro. This time though we had our cudgels with us and took some time out in the freezing weather conditions to partake in a spot of Country Backswording. I don’t know if it was the first time anyone has ever played at Backswording on Ben Nevis but it was certainly a spectacle for the other walkers up there who asked lots of questions and were totally enthralled.


Any how, here are a couple of photo’s that we took. I think we have started a theme as its now been suggested by other AOBC members that we should see how many different places we can play at English Country Backswording. Watch this space!