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Cornish Wrestling Association



Chief Instructor


Pete ‘Buzzsaw’ Holland




















Founder of the Aisle O'var Backswording Clubbe and its combined

TE-MA fighting style


Experience - Over 30 years training in martial arts





Traditional English Swordsmanship

Free style Karate

Lau Gar Kung Fu

Tae Kwon Do

Wing Chun





AOBC UK  English Country Backswording Champion 2008

BFHS Glorianna Cup UK Backsword Champion 2008

Wales AOBC Backsword Champion 2010


UK Leading TE-MA instructor

Internationally Qualified Personal Trainer

Qualified Fitness instructor

Licensed AMA coach

Free style Karate Black belt

BADC Qualified

Child protection certified

First Aid certified



Fact file


Peter Holland began training as a child being taught wrestling by his father Pat 'Dutchy' Holland who himself had been a wrestler for  Dale Martin Promotions and the art of pugilism and single stick by his grandfather Harold 'Jack' Prime, the son of late 19th century Hertfordshire bare knuckle fighter and single stick player James Prime. Peter’s Grandfather was also Hertfordshire police boxing champion and trainer to the 1940's heavy weight champion Charlie Collett. While always continuing to practice and learn from his fathers and grandfathers tuition Peter took up Eastern martial arts in his early teens when he took up free style karate and Lau Gar Kung Fu training with instructors such as Kevin Brewerton world kick boxing champion and enjoying competing in regional and national tournaments. However at the age of 25 work and marriage meant a move away from where he was training and without the same style clubs nearby Peter took up Tae Kwon Do as well as continuing to train in the mixed styles he already new and others such as Wing Chun.


After continuing to train regularly, in 1998 Peter suffered a serious back injury at work, rupturing 2 discs in his lower back. Being unable to walk without the aid of sticks for 6 months and being told he was facing major back surgery this put an end to all his martial and sports activities for the moment.


Not wishing to let this get the better of him Peter spent the next couple of years studying European fighting culture from historical records and treatise while he underwent treatment for his injury.


By the luck of the gods Peter avoided the threatened back surgery and by applying his knowledge of sports exercise proceeded to make an almost full recovery from the injury.


Desperate to get back in to some kind of martial combat Peter decided to go down the road of historical sword play and after contacting Paul McDonald the founder of the British Federation for Historical Swordplay the wheels were set in motion.


In the year 2000 Peter along with his wife Tina began training in the use of the English single handed backsword. Together they also enrolled in to a London theatrical fight school to gain a BADC (British Academy for Dramatic Combat) qualification to aid with film and TV work they were involved with.


10 years on Peter is teaching the TE-MA fighting style at 2 regular clubs in Bedfordshire and a study group in Lincolnshire. He also runs workshops and tournaments throughout the year.


Pete is also an internationally qualified Personal trainer and fitness instructor and is currently working on  his   up coming book TE-MA a Complete Course Volume 1 – The Principles of the True Fight.


He has also signed up to the Team Beds & Luton Sports development and gained the AOBC its MOS mark in 2010 and is looking to progress the AOBC toward getting a Sports Mark accreditation form Sports UK.