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What’s in a name?

We are often asked what does the name Aisle O’var Backswording  Clubbe mean. So here is the definitive answer…

Aisle – Is a path between two things, like the aisle in a church for instance. Each student who decides to take up and learn Historical  Martial Arts therefore walks a path between the past and the future. We learn from the historical records and teachings of the ancient masters and apply their methods in the present. We all walk this path and therefore we should be mindful of looking to the future as much as we look to the past for what we do today will be tomorrows past and futures history.

O’var - Is an amalgamation of two words ‘of’ and ‘valour’.
Definition: Valour – To have strength of mind or spirit that enables somebody to encounter danger with firmness, personal bravery, to have courage and boldness especially as shown in battle, bravery in the face of great danger, to be strong, to be of value.

Therefore ‘Aisle O’var’ simply means ‘Path of Valour’

Backswording – Is the practise and application of the backsword. A backsword is a single edged broadsword or like weapon, which has a sharp true edge and a flat/blunt false edge. It is also a term used to describe the ancient country sport of backswording where two players use wooden cudgels, which have wicker or wax hardened leather pots for hand protection and are used to bout with each other for a prize.

Clubbe – Pronounced ‘Club’ is a 12C to 15C middle English word meaning a stick, club or cudgel with which you hit or strike with.

The motto that appears on our logo is ‘Vincit que se vincit’

Translation: ‘He conquers who conquers himself’