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Before I met Pete ‘Buzz’ and started doing  Team TE-MA fitness I was very unsure of myself. I hated any kind of physical activity and would never consider any type of fitness club or even going to the gym for me was an issue because of my size, being rather large at the time, and finding exercise difficult just on a basic level.

With Pete’s help I’ve been able to realise my full potential, I have gained valuable insights into how to make positive changes in my life and also think on a more encouraging level about myself and my health. I’ve lost weight, become more toned and I’ve noticed the extra strength I’ve developed too.

I am now more confident, focused and partaking in physical activity is not an issue anymore, it’s FUN!!

I’ve also made some fantastic friends at Team TE-MA, everyone is so friendly and working together gives you such a sense of group achievement and you keep each other going. Pete gives so much encouragement and support on an individual level as well as motivating groups of people.

Being part of Team TE-MA has been extremely rewarding and thought provoking. I am healthy and can enjoy life to the full!!

I would really recommend Team TE-MA fitness, you can take it at your own pace or take it up a level if you want to push yourself, its completely up to you.

Thank you Pete for being a fantastic coach and mentor


Age 22


I've been to two classes so far and its completely different from any other exercises I've done before. it works all of your body and the tasks change each week which keeps it really fun.


Age 25


I would like to recommend the Team-Te-ma Fitness Class. I am still buzzing from the great session last night! What a workout!


Age 40


At last! A workout which does the whole body and scores on all levels. No more boring workouts for me. I’m a TEAM TE-MA convert. I highly recommend it.


Age 45