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What is TE-MA?






Classes work on a 4 week rota.




Circuit training with added VA VA VOOM! This is not your normal boring circuit training class. Martial Circuit classes incorporate upper body, lower body, core, and CV exercises interspersed with explosive martial conditioning drills.  




You may have heard or seen other boxing related workouts. TE-MA FREESTYLE classes take it up a notch with correct martial punching and kicking techniques. You will get to experience exhilarating combination drills and interval training that will burn fat, up your CV endurance, muscular endurance, flexibility and muscle toning. A brilliant stress busting workout!    




The Great Stick is an ancient weapon and conditioning tool. This class uses the Great Stick to maximum effect as a piece of exercise equipment. You have probably never worked out like this before! We use the stick in a sets of CV exercises, MSE (Muscular Strength Endurance) exercises and applied Martial techniques (non contact) to give clients a total body workout like you have never had before.


WEEK 4 – H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training)


H.I.I.T classes utilise hand held weights in what is best described as a total body blast! This class is structured around high intensity interval training using light to moderate weights in combination with CV and MSE exercises. You want muscular toning, endurance and a high octane calorie burn then this is for you!



BUT HANG ON! It’s not all over. Once you start back on week five with Martial Circuits again the class structure will be refreshed so you don’t do the same class twice and this goes for each class week on week.




Be part of the TEAM.




Together Everyone Achieves More!









Above is an example of exercises being undertaken in Medieval Europe - Weight training, gymnastics, wrestling, armed combat and staff work


TE-MA stands for Traditional English Martial Arts


The abbreviation of ‘TE’ is pronounced the same as the letter ‘T’ and the ‘MA’ is pronounced in as you would say the ‘MA’ in ‘Man’ or ‘Map’


Traditional English Martial Arts is a coming together of the native fighting arts from England which can be traced back more than 2,000 years. Having trained in Martial Arts for the past 30 years its has become evident that the UK’s own indigenous Martial Combat styles have been somewhat neglected, however in the past 10 years there has been a steady resurgence in the practice of these ancient fighting skills and this has lead on to rediscovering the huge benefits in fitness gains that training in TE-MA can and does provide.


Now’s the time to do it!  


Never before has there been such a push by the government and health professionals to encourage people young and old to take up sport and fitness training. We are facing the highest ever recorded levels of obesity in the general population and this leads to many serious health problems.

TEAM TE-MA FITNESS is all about turning this trend around and helping the individual to reach their fitness goals.


‘But exercise is boring!’


Yes it can be, if you’re not properly motivated. How many times have I heard ‘I went to a fitness class but it got boring because it was the same old thing week after week’, too many times I can tell you!


When you take up TEAM TE-MA FITNESS training you are guaranteed a weekly rotation of Cardio Vascular (CV), resistance, circuit and interval training mixed with explosive martial techniques. Each week will consist of a different total body workout ideal for fat burning and muscular toning and endurance. However when you start the rotation again the classes will also change so you get to do completely new body sculpturing exercises and CV routines. Classes are highly motivated, perfect for men and women from 14 to 60+; cater for all fitness levels and above all great fun!