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Our Aims

Our primary aims are to promote the practise and research of TE-MA (Traditional English Martial Arts) by bring the Ancient and Noble Science of Defence in to the public arena.

We hope to help towards educating the general public about Britain and Europe’s own ancient martial history (generally known as HEMA, Historical European Martial Arts) so that in time these indigenous Martial Art systems become as well known, practiced and understood in their own right as are Eastern styles of martial arts in today’s society.

In order to achieve this we are continually striving to make TE-MA accessible to the general public at a grass roots level. We have members that are students, unemployed, full time employed with families and so on with either great demands on their time to fit regular training in or a lack of disposable income to buy expensive training equipment or attend expensive workshops and seminars which are beyond the remit of the normal martial student.

The AOBC is determined to stand for easily accessible training at an easily affordable price for all the family.

We also hope to be able to offer Junior classes in the future. Easy  access to workshops and seminars that don’t cost a kings ransom.

We are about training, training and more training and maintaining the highest possible standards in our training and approach to TE-MA  and working with or NGB (National Governing Body) to offer the best possible teaching and training practises for students and being able to offer those students who wish to, the opportunity to go on to become coaches themselves

Developing and promoting a well balanced healthy lifestyle for students through taking regular exercise and enjoying a balanced diet.

The AOBC is currently in development with Team Beds&Luton to gain our MOS Mark.

As part of our club development plan we are also looking to gain our Club Mark so that we can offer students of all ages the highest professional level of Coaching in
TE-MA  and  have TE-MA  recognised  in the UK  by Sports England.

In the training and application of the Ancient and Noble Science of Defence we strive for perfection in the true fight as it is only through understanding the principles of the true fight, training in them, applying them and striving for perfection in fight that we can hope to find true defence.

“And therefore I prove where a man by their teaching can not be safe in his defence following their own ground of fight then is their teaching offence and not defence, for in true fight against the best no hurt can be done. And if both have the perfection of true fight then the one will not be able to hurt the other at what perfect weapon so ever.”

George Silver. A Brief Instruction Upon My Paradoxes of Defence. Circa 1600