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Cornish Wrestling Association


Senior Student (Letchworth Club)


Jed ‘Joker’ Pascoe

Started training in martial arts in 1972.




TE-MA (Traditional English Martial Arts)

Karate-do Shotokai



Freestyle Kenjutsu/bojutsu

Cavalry sabre

Bowie knife


AOBC East of England English Country Backswording Champion 2010




Fact file


Jed took up karate in 1972.  This was useful training as he was also scrumhalf for his college rugby team. We're talking fitness here, of course.

He later moved to Bristol where, dissatisfied with the monotonous tedium of Kendo school, he was a founder member of the Bristol Freestyle Kenjutsu group. He had a break from martial arts for several years when he started his family and set up his own business.

Jed's unusual lifestyle has given him many opportunities to enjoy adventure sports: he can ski, freefall parachute jump and ride. Unfortunately, this came at a price.

Advised by his surgeon to 'avoid strenuous exercise' due to ankle and other injuries, troubled by the resulting weight gain, and bored with gym-work, standard fitness classes, and the emphasis placed on the 'spiritual', non-combative side of eastern martial systems, Jed discovered TE-MA.

TE-MA- Traditional English Martial Arts- provides him with an interesting and absorbing exercise regime as well as a useful full-combat, multi-disciplinary martial arts system and he's not looked back. It's easier to understand than Eastern styles (you don't need to learn a second language, for a start!) and has full practical applications in today's world.  He also enjoys an active role in the less formal side of the AOBC and has represented the Club at swordsmanship events and competitions around the country.

Jed also plays badminton every week- great hand and eye co-ordination training for swordsmanship.