Pete ‘Buzzsaw’ Holland


Stunt Fighter, Special Action Artist, Creature Performer, Martial Arts Instructor and Personal Trainer




















Pete 'Buzzsaw' Holland


Personal details -


Nick Name - Buzz


Age 50


Height 5' 10"


Eye Colour - Blue


Hair Colour - Light Brown with a Red/Ginger Beard


Martial Arts web site -


Internet Movie Data Base - Pete Buzzsaw Holland


Contact -


Martial Arts Instructor with over 40 years Martial arts experience


Style -  TE-MA Traditional English Martial Arts - Weapons and Hand to Hand


Grade - Master at Arms - In single sword, Sword and Dagger, Sword and Buckler, Quarterstaff, Cudgel, Great Stick, Hand to Hand


Black Belt in Freestyle Karate


Black sash in Kung Fu


Also experienced in Taekwondo, Wing Chung, Kick Boxing, Cornish Wrestling, Bare Knuckle Fighting


British Academy of Dramatic Combat qualified (Theatrical sword and unarmed combat)


British Federation for Historical Swordplay UK Steel Backsword Champion 2008 and 2012


UK AOBC English Country Backswording Champion 2009 and 2012


Qualified Personal Trainer at TEAM TE-MA FITNESS


Film Artist


Special Skills - Sword fighting - Unarmed combat - Shootist - Military Survival training - Bushcraft - Archery


Traded mark - Documentary speciality Medieval Weapons Master - SPAC work, Special action roles in fight scenes, Featured roles, Speaking roles, Heavy's/Thugs, Military, Period/Historical Combat, Viking, Lab assistant, Psychiatric Male Nurse, Prisoner, Walk on's and standard back ground


Known for his Walk on roles, Special action work and Creature Perfomances, Pete originally from Hertfordshire but now living in Bedfordshire is known to most by his nickname 'Buzz' and has trained in Eastern and Western Martial Arts for over 40 years and is a qualified Master at Arms instructor teaching Traditional English Martial Arts (TE-MA) and is also a fully qualified Personal Trainer. A keen historian of the Viking/Anglo Saxon age Pete has over the past 15 years become know for his expertise in medieval swordsmanship. Pete often teaches at seminars around the UK and at the Royal Leeds Armoury where it has led to Pete being featured as a Medieval Weapons Expert in Historical documentaries.


Along with Documentary and voice over work Pete has had the pleasure of working with some of the UK's top Film and TV Fight choreographers such as Andreas Petrides and Damien Walters and has led to Pete working in the area of Special Action within the Film industry. Pete has worked in scenes with internationally renowned actors such as Christian Bale, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, Chris Hemsworth, Brad Pitt, Tom Conti, Jeremy Irons, Tom Hiddleston, Joe Armstrong, Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, John Gordon Sinclair, Sean Harris and Simon Pegg amongst others.


Pete has also been invited many times over the years to be a guest on different BBC local radio shows and has featured many time on regional TV news spots at live historical events throughout the UK. Pete has also had the pleasure of being immortalized in the book 'We Could Be Heroes' by Tom Fordyce and Ben Dirs.


Recent productions include-


Jurassic World 2


Nasty Women


Kings Men 2




Paddington 2


Justice League


Nuffield Health Gyms - Photo shoot




The Commuter


Predator - A Stag Do Parody


War Machine


The Girl with all the Gifts

The Legend of Tarzan


King Arthur -

Knights of the round table


Mission Impossible 5




You, Me and the Apocalypse


Liquid and Metal


Reclaiming The Blade


The Quest for King Arthur


Crusaders back from the dead


Worlds End


World War Z


The Dark Knight Rises


Red 2


Henry IV


Guardians of the Galaxy


In the Heart of the sea


Macbeth (2015)




Silent Witness


National Lottery promo


Ladbrokes promo


BBC Three Counties - Guest


BBC Oxford Radio - Guest