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The Uffington White Horse Show and AOBC UK English Country Backswording finals 2010


This year the famous Uffington White Horse Show held at Uffington in Oxfordshire will be held on Sunday the 29th and Monday the 30st of August and is the venue for this years English Country Backswording Tournament finals.

...Back in 2007 the Organizers of the show invited the Aisle O’var Backswording Club to bring English Country Backswording back to one of the most famous sites it was played at in England. At the time the last recorded date that Backswording was played at the Uffington show was some 100 years before and so it was the greatest of honors to be asked to reintroduce this most excellent English country sport back on its 100th anniversary. Suffice to say the playing at Backswording went down a storm with the attending spectators and we have been kindly asked back each year since.

The Uffington White Horse Show.

The Show dates back many hundreds of years and was also known as the scouring of the white horse. It was started when local villagers decided to annually clean the Uffington White Horse which dates back over 5,000 years. At this scouring the locals would erect tents and booths in the ‘Castle’ as it is called on the hill. The ‘Castle’ is an ancient Iron Age fort and its ramparts and ditches are huge and the inner area of the castle is a most excellent place to hold a gathering and it is quite understandable why the locals felt it worth pulling all their wares and barrels of beer and cider up on to the hill for what became a huge annual revel.

And so the scouring on the White Horse began and was held virtually annually year on year over the centuries. Although for a number of years the show was not held it was revived about 40 years ago and has been run ever since making it one of today’s oldest surviving English country shows thanks to the work of the existing committee who are doing such a great and commendable job in maintaining the yearly running of the show. Due to the nature of the show and because White Horse hill is a protected area these days the show is held just outside Uffington in the shadow of the hill which can be clearly seen from the current site.

The History

The whole area around Uffington is steeped in history. As has been already mentioned the White Horse dates back many thousands of years, below it is Dragon Hill where local legend says St George Killed the Dragon and that the bald top of the hill is where the dragons blood was spilt and now nothing will grow there. Close to the hill is Wayland Smithy, a Neolithic long barrow and again legend has it that if your horse goes lame if you leave your horse tethered outside and leave a silver coin with it, in the morning on your return your horse will be shoed by Wayland himself. Wayland or Wolund, is the Norse and Saxon god of blacksmithing.

Moving on now a little further from the hill can be found the famous ‘Blowing Stone’. The Blowing Stone is a perforated Sarsen stone, located these days in a garden at the foot of Blowingstone Hill just south of the Icknield Way (B4507), at Kingston Lisle. In its day the stone was kept outside a local Inn and was chained up to stop its ill use apart from at the time of the scouring where people were challenged to blow the stone. This was, according to legend, the means whereby King Alfred summoned his Saxon troops, in readiness for the nearby Battle of Ashdown, against the Vikings. This legend reputedly gives rise to the village's name, 'King's stone'. The Lisle suffix being a later addition.

Also, according to legend, a person who is capable of making the blowing stone sound a note which is audible atop Uffington White Horse Hill will be a future King of England.

But these are only a couple of local places of interest. Its well worth spending the whole weekend if you can to explore the area or simply just come over for a really great day out.

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What’s English Country Backswording?

The Aisle O’var Backswording Clubbe is one of the UK leading Traditional English Martial Arts clubs. The AOBC has recently been featured in the hit international movie release of ‘Reclaiming the Blade’ and also in the newly released best selling book ‘We could be Heroes’ by Tom Fordyce and Ben Dirs which features many of the more traditional world championship country sports that take place yearly.

Backswording up on the White Horse Hill was ‘THE’ main sport which was played at and in its hay day attracted many thousands of people to the Scouring to see the ‘Gamsters’ from across middle England fight it out to be crowned champion.

Backswording is an ancient English Stick fighting sport dating back for many centuries. It is derived from the Martial practise and use of the English steel Backsword/Broadsword. Players or ‘Old Gamesters’ as they are traditionally called, fight at full force and full speed using wooden cudgels with no body protection, their cudgel being their only true defence. There are two referees or ‘Sticklers’ as they are traditionally called, in the ring with them to make sure the rules are played to and their decision is final. It’s from traditional English sports such as Country Backswording that employ the use of ‘Sticklers’ that the term ‘A stickler for the rules’ comes from. The ‘Sticklers’ take their names from the long sticks that they carry and would use to separate over enthusiastic players or to keep the spectators out of the ring. Traditionally the winner is the player to raise an inch of blood or more from the head of their opponent above the eye line. In today’s play although there is still no body protection worn, the fighters do wear head protection and the winner is the first player to score a total of 3 clean blows (known as a blood) to the head of their opponent. It is then deemed that one of those bloods would have produced the required inch or more of blood as required under the ancient rules of play. English Country backswording is a true spectators sport. Spectators are encouraged to choose a player to support and then shout their support throughout the match to help their ‘Old Gamester’ to victory!

Qualifying rounds have already been played for and the AOBC UK Finals will see 8 of the UK’s top crack cudgel players fight it out for the White Horse Cup and to be crowned the AOBC UK English Country Backswording Champion 2010.
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What can you see at the 2010 show...

The 2009 Show was such a huge success that the bar has really been raised for 2010. However, we’re up to the challenge and have put together a fantastic line-up of attractions that will appeal to all ages and tastes. We’ve combined lots of exciting new events with regular favourites that we know our visitors love.

Topping the bill on Monday at this year’s Show will be Medieval Jousting from Gerard Naprous, who brought us the incredible Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse a few years ago. Described as ‘not for the faint hearted’, this mixture of lust and blood curdling action will bring colour and pageantry to our showground.

Sunday will feature the magnificent Heavy Horses in what has become established as a qualifying competition for the West of England Championships. Also, we have a very special first for Uffington: Joseph’s Amazing Racing Pigs!

Falconry is always popular at our Show. For many years we have been splendidly entertained by Ray Prior and I am sure we will welcome him back again in the future. However, this year for a change we have invited Jonathan Marshall, who has been the headline attraction at the British Falconry Fair and the Festival of Falconry for the last 3 years. On both days Jonathan will be flying his birds from horseback, which adds to the spectacle.

Fittingly for a country show like ours, horses provide a common theme in many of this year’s acts. Making their Uffington debut in 2010 will be Jive Pony. This glamorous female equestrian display team mixes the razzmatazz of West End musical shows with vaulting gymnastics and a display of horsemanship that most could only dream of.

Dogs too are a popular feature of country life and we regularly include outstanding canine acts in our programme. This year we have yet another ‘first’ for the Uffington Show with displays from Ridgeside Lurchers that will complement our falconry and jousting.

And if all that’s not enough, we’ve invited back the Southern Syncopaters Jazz Band, who were such a hit at last year’s Show.

Add to that our brilliant range of regular attractions including craft stalls, Professor Crump, ferret racing, historic vehicles, funfair, helicopter rides, English Country Backswording, White Horse Kites, Natural World Marquee, and lots, lots more… and you have the recipe for a phenomenal Bank Holiday weekend. See you there!


To visit the show’s web site please click on the link below.


The Uffington White Horse Show